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Home Maker Company General contracting for buildings

Specialized in insulation, plumbing, and electrical contracting.



We have a work team with extensive experience in the contracting field, which guarantees you quality and accuracy of work.


✓ Communication




We provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that your needs are met at any time.


✓The quality





We provide high-quality services in the field of general building contracting, including insulation, sanitary, and electrical contracting.


✓ The prices




We offer competitive prices, making us the perfect choice for many customers. Providing the services you expect and more.

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Insulation contracting service

Home Maker is considered one of the best insulators and crack detection companies in Kuwait, as it provides many insulation services (roof insulation - bathroom insulation - swimming pool insulation - kitchen insulation -)

Sanitary contracting

It is distinguished by a specialized team of plumbers who have been trained to meet all work requirements, including designing and implementing sanitary systems with complete professionalism.

Electrical contracting

At Home Maker, we realize its utmost importance and work to provide electrical services that raise the level of safety and efficiency.

Why Home Maker?

Why Home Maker?

Home Maker General Contracting Company for Buildings is the perfect choice for you:




At Home Maker, we work hard to achieve this vision through business development, skilled worker training, and highly efficient management.

  • A distinguished and experienced team
  • We work hard for customer satisfaction
  • Commitment to quality
  • We offer solutions that fit your needs
who are we ?

who are we ?




We at Home Maker always strive to consolidate our position as one of the pioneers of insulation and leak detection companies in the State of Kuwait. We are proud to provide a comprehensive range of insulation and water leak detection services, which include insulating roofs, bathrooms, swimming pools, and kitchens, in addition to accurate detection of water leaks. In various locations.
We enjoy possessing the best devices for detecting water leaks with modern technology, and the highest standards of equipment in insulation work, and we use the finest insulation materials available on the market at competitive prices. Our team, which includes highly qualified engineers and technicians, dedicates its experience to ensuring that all projects are implemented with perfection, whether related to insulation. Or water leaks.

20+Years of experience
1850Completed projects