Electrical contracting

Electricity services




Electricity is not just connections and switches, but rather the pulse that revives every modern facility. At Home Maker, we realize its utmost importance and work to provide electrical services that raise the level of safety and efficiency.

Electrical systems planning

Our electrical planning begins with understanding the project requirements and actual power need. We take into account everything from the expected electrical load to future needs as much as possible. All electrical points are precisely geometrically mapped to ensure smooth and optimal implementation.

Carrying out electrical installations

Our electrical engineers and technicians have deep experience in installing all types of electrical wiring and equipment, from indoor and outdoor lighting, to more complex systems such as smart control systems, security and surveillance systems.

Maintenance and periodic inspection

Maintaining the integrity of electrical systems is as important as installing them. We provide periodic maintenance service to verify the efficiency of connections and protective equipment. It includes periodic inspection of distribution panels, breakers, and protective equipment to ensure that there are no risks or serious problems.

Electrical contracting

Our commitment to safety:




We follow all national and international standards in the field of electricity to provide a service that is not only limited to efficiency and technical accuracy, but also emphasizes safety. High quality equipment that meets electrical safety standards is selected, with emphasis on proper insulation and protection against overcurrents and short circuits.
At Home Maker, we promise you an experience of electrical services that reflects the level of professionalism that you can trust, services that guarantee you safety and comfort and achieve the highest levels of practical and technical satisfaction. Whether you are looking for new electrical installations or want to update or maintain your current system, Home Maker is ready to serve you with high efficiency and unparalleled quality.