Do you have Questions?




Questions ? 

Is the company licensed and insured?


What are the company's main specializations in the field of contracting?

Electrical sanitary insulator

Do you have previous experience in similar projects?

Yes, definitely

What is the expected duration for project completion?

Depends on the size and area of ​​the project

12. What are the available payment methods and payment timelines?

Bank transfer, checks or via link

Other questions

What materials and techniques will you use in the project?

Everything the project needs

Do you offer guarantees for the work completed?



. Do you deal with design and planning or do you implement ready-made designs?

We are going to the owner approved plan

Do you have quality certificates or accreditations from the competent authorities?


. How can the client communicate with you during the implementation period?

The office is the company's headquarters or available means of communication

. Do you have examples of previous projects that we can review?