When talking about insulation, we are talking about providing a comprehensive solution that includes multiple aspects to preserve buildings and improve the quality of life for its residents. Home Maker specializes in providing thermal and water insulation services within standard standards to ensure optimal performance.


Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation reduces the impact of external temperatures, creating a more comfortable indoor environment and reducing the need for heating and cooling, which reflects positively on energy bills. We use highly efficient insulating materials such as foam, rock wool, and others, which were chosen for their resistance to heat transfer and their longevity.




Waterproofing insulation

Waterproofing ensures the protection of facilities from groundwater, rain and other sources of leakage, which preserves the concrete structure and prevents the growth of fungi and mold. Waterproofing materials such as polymer modified bitumen or acrylic materials are carefully applied, forming a waterproof barrier.




Integrated insulation systems

We believe that insulation is not just a set of technologies, but rather an integrated system that must effectively isolate sound, heat and humidity. We work with each client to provide personalized consultations and identify their specific needs, and then design and implement insulation solutions that suit their space and specific needs.


At Home Maker




  • Home Maker is considered one of the best insulation and leak detection companies in Kuwait, as it provides many insulation services (roof insulation - bathroom insulation - swimming pool insulation - kitchen insulation -) in addition to detecting all types of water leaks in many places, the most prominent of which are (bathroom leaks - roof leaks). - Kitchen leaks - Swimming pool leaks, etc........), as the company has the best modern water leak detection devices and the best insulation equipment ever, in addition to the best insulation materials ever at the lowest prices. Al-Ittefaq Company has a distinguished work team of trained engineers and technicians. With high efficiency, I carry out all work, whether it is insulation or water leaks, as the company provides reports and guarantees to customers to ensure the safety of the work and extend the life span, because the company is one of the leading companies in the fields of detecting cracks and insulation in Kuwait.
    At Home Maker, we place our commitment to global standards and customer satisfaction as our top priorities to ensure we provide services that exceed expectations in the field of insulation contracting.

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Basement insulation works, privacy materials and asphalt

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