Plumbing services




At Home Maker, we are proud to provide sanitary contracting services with high levels of accuracy and professionalism to maintain the highest possible quality. We are distinguished by a specialized team who have been trained to meet all work requirements, including designing and implementing health systems with complete professionalism.

Design of plumbing systems

We start by carefully studying the project requirements. We design plumbing systems to suit the available space and special needs, whether for residential homes or commercial projects. We use high quality components and follow hygienic engineering standards to ensure the efficiency and safety of the system.

Implementing plumbing projects

Our team meticulously installs plumbing systems, including everything from pipes, fittings and valves to sanitary ware and final fixtures. We take into account all the basics of efficient water flow and safe and easy waste disposal.

Maintaining sustainability

We bring environmentally friendly solutions by using technologies and materials that reduce waste and increase efficiency. Relying on water-saving fixtures and high-standard piping not only ensures the sustainability of resources but also reduces stress on the systems and increases their lifespan.


Efficient performance of plumbing systems




Effective plumbing systems are not just functional fixtures, they are the guarantee that there are no leaks, that water pressure is controlled, and that the infrastructure remains healthy. We ensure that every part of the health system remains fully functional, providing a safe and healthy environment for customers.
Our services include continuous monitoring of performance quality and rapid response to any problems that may arise. We monitor health systems with the aim of preventing malfunctions, in addition to providing periodic maintenance services to maintain the highest levels of performance and efficiency.
At Home Maker, we pledge to provide precise and professional plumbing services that achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers while ensuring the continuity and efficiency of plumbing systems for as long as possible.