Our services

Our services




At Home Maker, we are proud that we are one of the leading companies in the State of Kuwait, and we are supported in this by our team of experts and technicians who enjoy high efficiency and continuous training, and our long experience provides them with the necessary skill to provide accurate and professional services. Our company’s commitment does not stop there; We believe that your satisfaction is the core of our success, and therefore we continue to develop our services to always remain at the forefront of companies that provide the best in the field of leak detection and insulation in Kuwait.

Insulation contracting service

Home Maker specializes in providing thermal and water insulation services within standard standards to ensure optimal performance.

Sanitary contracting

It is distinguished by a specialized team of plumbers who have been trained to meet all work requirements, including designing and implementing sanitary systems with complete professionalism.

Electrical contracting

At Home Maker, we realize its utmost importance and work to provide electrical services that raise the level of safety and efficiency.